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The New Nissan 370Z Launched in Malta

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the new nissan 370z launched in malta
24 March 2010
Nissan Motors Sales Ltd. launched the the new Nissan 370Z high performance sports car onto the local market.



During the event held at the Radisson in St. Julians, Mr. Ian Mizzi, Managing Director of the company expained that the 370Z is the lastest model in a long string of Z models dating back to the 1970's when Datsun, (Nissan's former name) had launched the Datsun 240Z.




Equipped with a 3.7 litre, V6 engine the 370Z  the engineers at Nissan have given the 370Z greater power than its predessor, the 350Z, while at the same time reducing the weight by 32 kilograms. Handling has been improved thanks to a front and rear track wider by 15mm and 55mm respectively, a wheelbase that’s been shortened by 100mm and a body structure that offers greater rigidity.




Mr. Mizzi also highlighted the Syncro Rev Control (SRC) feature on the 370Z, the world's first fully synchronisedf shift rev control system. As the driver shifts gears, the revs of the engine are automatically synchronised with the vehicles speed to provide a smooth gear shifts everytime.


The 370Z is a fresh new design, but one which is instantly identifiable as a Z. It builds on the best features of every generation of Z that has gone before but then adds many new dimensions of its own. The 370Z will not only continue the great Z tradition but will become an icon in its own right. 
For more information kindly Johann Debatista (jdebattista@nissan.com.mt) on 21334196.
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